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Centralized management of monitoring units & measurement analysis

Central Monitoring Software (CMS)

Management of various monitoring units

Management of various monitoring units

  • Management of networked monitoring units
  • Control of LS OBSERVER and 3rd party (e.g. R&S) equipment
  • Operation status and GPS position of individual unit
  • Remote maintenance and BITE
Measurements & Analysis

Measurements & Analysis

  • Scan and fixed frequency mode
  • ITU compliant signal parameter measurements
  • AI based signal classification
  • Demodulation
  • Channel power measurements
  • Channel occupancy measurements
Alarming & Automation

Alarming & Automation

  • Automatic Violation Detection (AVD)
    • Detection of anomalies like interference or illegal spectrum usage
    • Based on manual input, emitter database or reference measurement
    • Artificial intelligence based anomaly detection
    • Alarm triggering via E-mail or external alarming system
  • Automated Measurement jobs
    • Pre-definition of measurement parameters, type, time and area
    • Automatic execution, pausing and stopping
Artificial Intelligence (AI) features

Artificial Intelligence (AI) features

  • AI based alarming
    • Automatic detection of anomalies like interference, outages, illegal or suspicious emissions
    • Deep learning technology used to learn the normal spectrum environment
    • Adaptation to on-site signal environment
    • Relearning if spectrum environment changes
  • AI based signal classification
    • Large signal library
    • Learning of new unknown signals
    • Adaptation to on-site signal reception conditions
  • AI optimized direction finding
    • In field recalibration with reference licensed stations
    • Outstanding in field accuracy even in urban environments
Direction finding

Direction finding

  • Angle of arrival (AoA) technology
  • Live and based on stored data
  • DF Time Travel®: DF based on stored spectrum
  • LoB and heatmap map view
  • Multi-channel direction finding
  • Frequency hopper DF
  • Manual direction finding & homing with handheld antenna or UAV based measurements


  • Time difference of arrival (TDOA)
    • Evaluation based on time differences of an arriving wave at multiple stations
  • Gain ratio of arrival (GROA+®)
    • Evaluation based on received power differences considering wave propagation effects
    • High accuracy in contrast to conventional gain ratio of arrival
Analysis based on stored data

Analysis based on stored data

  • Remote storage access
  • Data filtering and limitation for download and display
  • Occupancy spectrum usage statistics
  • Channel analysis
  • Noise-free data
  • Statistical spectrum overview data
Reporting and Exporting

Reporting and Exporting

  • Channel analysis results available as .pdf report
  • Single and batch screenshot feature
  • Data export for external systems as .csv or .xml
    • Various data compression options
  • IQ data export as .wav file
  • Channel analysis results exportable to .xlsx
Spectrum Management interface

Spectrum Management interface

  • Interface to mySPECTRA
  • Import of .xlsx or csv transmitter database
  • Transmitter data display
  • Using radiated power information for AVD alarming baselining
  • Monitoring if licensed conditions are fulfilled
  • Condensed results for spectrum managers
  • Data as decision basis for new allocations or re-allocations

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