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Spectrum Policy, Licensing & Management

In line with the diversification and commercialization of radio technologies there has been a constant increase in demand for frequency spectrum and its commercial value. The arrival of 5G is another leap towards a greater variety of wireless applications, more connected objects, and new spectrum users, such as from vertical markets and the Internet of Things (IoT).

National regulatory authorities and network operators are under increasing pressure to make sure the radio spectrum is used efficiently.

New spectrum distribution methods will be introduced, such as spectrum trading, dynamic frequency lease and whitespace management and to support 5G, there should be a greater mix of attribution methods used.  Sure, this will have an impact on operational processes and spectrum management systems. Automated systems have to deal with an increasing number of incoming applications and the associated data volumes.

LS telcom has been in business since the very beginning of automated spectrum management and has grown with the market. We combine sound knowledge and expertise in the spectrum management profession with the most advanced software and information technology available.

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The future begins today - with mySPECTRA

Learn more about our web-based innovative spectrum management solution

Web-based, workflow-driven, automated spectrum management mySPECTRA

The next generation spectrum management system mySPECTRA sets new standards in both usability and efficiency for all processes from data capturing to license issuing.

Our Spectrum Management System Solutions

Rely on 30 years of experience


The reliable and practice proven solution in spectrum management since more than 20 years.

-- mySPECTRA for Defense

Analyze and control the electromagnetic environment with the aid of our military spectrum management system.


The most powerful spectrum engineering solution that assures optimal spectrum usage with the aid of fully automated coverage predictions, interference assessments and channel assignments.

Management of frequency plans with SPECTRAplan

SPECTRAplan is an advanced spectrum planning software for management of frequency plans. Define the rules for distribution and assignment of frequencies to dedicated stations. Frequency allocation tables from the ITU for the relevant regions are included in the tool.

Dynamic Spectrum Access Solutions

LS telcom offers solutions for white space management and dynamic spectrum access.

Our Spectrum Management Consulting Services

Profit from our cooperation with more than 100 countries across all continents and learn about best practices

Spectrum Consulting

We help you attribute and use radio frequency spectrum in the most efficient way and ensure the most optimal operation of your radio communication services.

Spectrum Management as a Service

Our spectrum management experts have worked with over 100 regulators and spectrum users worldwide and have an unparalleled view of the various solutions and best practice employed in spectrum management.

Spectrum Management

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