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Smart Spectrum Management

Spectrum Management as a Service / Spectrum Services

Take the load off your shoulders. Let our experts manage your radio spectrum in the most efficient way

While certain regulatory tasks are common across the world, some of them, such as application and license management, have to be adapted to country-specific, regional, local or organizational specifications and requirements.

Our spectrum management experts have worked with over 100 regulators and spectrum users worldwide and have an unparalleled view of the various solutions and best practice employed in spectrum management.

Whether your requirement is to ensure the radio environment around a venue (such as an airport), or to take away the burden of issuing licenses or approvals, LS telcom's spectrum management as a service team can efficiently and effectively handle these needs for you. By letting our trained professionals deal with these tasks, it leaves you free to concentrate on your core business, whether it be operating a shipping port or oil refinery, or taking important decisions on the use of the radio spectrum for your country.