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Spectrum Monitoring

We provide hardware, software and expertise in RF monitoring. Our solutions stand for continuous innovation in user-friendliness, automation & design.

Automated continuous spectrum monitoring & location system LS OBSERVER

Automated spectrum monitoring, direction finding and geolocation system with powerful software and comprehensive hardware portfolio.

Central Monitoring Software CMS

The central monitoring software (CMS) enables to manage and control various networked spectrum monitoring units. CMS contains a rich set of features, such as direction finding, geolocation, automatic ai-based interference detection and correlation with spectrum management.

Turning measurements into spectrum usage & coverage maps with SpectrumMap

Big data tool to visualize RF measurements from thousands of different devices in various meaningful forms.

System Integration

We build customized spectrum monitoring systems, from single stations integrated on any platform to regional and nationwide monitoring networks.

Spectrum Monitoring as a Service

If you don’t have spectrum monitoring devices and monitoring experience in-house - outsource to us!

Combined System Solutions

As an expert in spectrum management and monitoring we understand how to connect both worlds in the most efficient way.