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Private Wireless Networks

For digital networking to function smoothly and and trouble-free functioning, companies and industry need a reliable network that promises security and sovereignty over data/data sovereignty.
The requirements for such a network must be individually adapted and "tailored" and large volumes of data must be transported securely and reliably. Sounds complicated and almost impossible at first - but it is not. The solution: an own local private wireless network.

The great advantage of such a network is the independence from the network operator, which allows the "exclusive" use of the network and thus exclusive access to the full network capacity. This ensures a high level of security - a factor that is particularly important today.

How exactly does it work?

In the case of a dedicated local private wireless network, exclusive radio frequencies or more precisely so-called block licenses, are getting granted by the regulatory authority of a country for a predefined geographical area.


What do private wireless networks offer

An overview

High security - not accessible from outside

Exclusivity and full capacity

High Reliability - low latency

Data security

Fast data exchange

Individually adaptable parameters - user, latency, bandwidth

Low investment costs

Low license costs

Scalable and future proof

Many countries around the world are offering 5G licenses for private networks and many more are planning to introduce licensing models in the future.

Companies from all kinds of markets and industries have been among the first applicants to receive a 5G license and can therefore already report of a successful implementation.

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