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Network Planning Tools

LS telcom was one of the first companies providing GSM network planning software and services in the early 90’s. Ever since, our know-how and experience have grown with the evolvement of new radio technologies. Today, whether it is Critical Communications, Digital Mobile or Mobile Broadband, Broadcast or Satellite Communications, LS telcom can provide you with a dedicated planning tool that supports you in the design, operation and optimization of local, regional and nationwide networks.

The complexity and interaction of a myriad of parameters to be considered when planning a radio network necessitates precise planning with a sound methodology. Our software solutions are designed for different technologies including 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G cellular networks (GSM, UMTS, LTE, NR), wireless IoT (Internet of Things), microwave, broadcasting as well as critical communications technologies. Engineers can use the software for the planning of single links and base stations, for detailed indoor coverage planning as well as for the dimensioning and analysis of complex nationwide networks. Interference analysis, compatibility checks and national and international coordination complete the range of the software’s functionality.

Our Radio Network Planning Software

Industry-proven system solutions to make your life easier

User-friendly and efficient planning of reliable radio networks with CHIRplus_TC

With its flexibility, effectiveness, and future-proof capabilities, CHIRplus_TC is an essential solution for network planning. The user-friendly tool enables efficient planning of microwave links, wireless IoT devices, 5G/4G networks, PMR systems, and Smart Grids.

Web-based planning and optimization of mobile networks with CHIRplus_NGN

CHIRplus_NGN provides various functions for solving coverage and interference problems of 2G/3G/4G/5G networks.

Design, planning, coordination and optimization of broadcast networks with CHIRplus_BC

CHIRplus_BC is a highly advanced software solution for planning and coordination of analogue and digital broadcast services.

Indoor Network Planning with Ranplan Professional

Design, optimize and automate in-building and urban outdoor wireless networks, either in isolation or in coordination

Besides that, our consulting and engineering services help you attribute and use radio frequency spectrum in the most efficient way and ensure the most optimal operation of your radio communication services. This helps you to:

  • Prepare for the future
  • Deliver highly available, reliable, optimal service quality
  • Secure quick ROI (Return of Investment)
  • Maximize productivity
  • Increase your bottom-line

Our Radio Communications Planning, Engineering & Consultancy Services

Benefit from our best practice know-how

Technology Consulting

Professional radio networks have to be carefully designed if they are to deliver the service that users are expecting in the most optimum and cost-effective way. We help you to ensure the performance of radio networks.

Planning & Optimization Services

We assist you to ensure that your radio networks are fit for purpose, and operating effectively.

Indoor Coverage

Only a detailed and high-quality planning and design concept will guarantee optimal indoor coverage and the best possible integration with the outdoor network. We assist you during the design, planning, procurement and implementation of your indoor radio system.

Radio Communications

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