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5G - New Radio

The new communication standard 5G (New Radio) brings a whole new variety of applications to citizens, the private and the public sector. The related changes are often described as a revolution and a new era with a vast amount of connected and intelligent devices. 5G provides the basis for such changes and offers enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive machine type communications (mMTC) and ultra-reliable and low latency communications (URLLC). As such 5G is a key component of industry 4.0, smart cities and smart factories.
However, not only the applications are changing but also the way how such networks are set up and operated.

We support regulating authorities around the globe with our expertise and knowledge of the radio spectrum to answer question around 5G and how to make it available for the public and industry.
Mobile network operators are no longer the only stakeholders that are interested in the related radio spectrum. Also vertical markets such as the manufacturing sector, processing industry, energy providers, public transportation, etc. intend to build up their own network in order to be more independent and to benefit from the new communication standard.

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We are closely following the new trends and developments with regards to 5G and we will support you with all questions related to 5G.

5G Products and Services

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Consulting for regulators

Our spectrum consulting team has extensive experience of working with international and national regulatory bodies to help achieve your technical and economic goals, whilst ensuring compatibility between services.

Our products and services

  • Spectrum licensing framework development
    • Authorization for new 5G spectrum bands
    • User right models, from exclusive usage to shared and collective use
  • Technology studies
  • Spectrum demand forecast and assessment
  • Pricing and benchmarking of spectrum fees
  • Spectrum policy and strategy
  • Co-existence and compatibility studies
  • Re-farming and re-assigning
  • Web-based, workflow-driven and automated spectrum management mySPECTRA
  • Management of frequency plans with SPECTRAplan

Private Networks for operators

Are you planning a private network? The application for an own campus license sets the first milestone for your local network. In addition, we plan your local radio network with our own professional tools cost-efficiently according to your requirements.

Our campus network services …

… and products

  • Efficient design and planning of wireless telecommunications with CHIRplus_TC
  • The technical spectrum engineering solution: SPECTRAemc
  • Web-based, workflow-driven and automated spectrum management mySPECTRA
  • Automated spectrum monitoring & location system LS OBSERVER

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