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Integrated and Automated Spectrum Management System


Spectrum planning and licensing solution based on a professional workflow engine

mySPECTRA's fully automated workflows guide the user through all the processes of spectrum management, from receiving applications, frequency assignment, international coordination, to issuing licenses, all the way to keeping check on the receipt of payment. The central data repository stores the mandatory frequency and licensing information for all radio services for instant and easy access by regulatory staff.

mySPECTRA handles the increasing number of incoming applications and the associated data volumes with ease and brings structure and clarity into all spectrum management processes.A lot of different licenses of all types of radio services follow their way through the web-based system automatically and solicit action from the user only when necessary. Workflows automate and streamline the handling of the numerous licensing products in a regulator’s general service-catalog. Users are guided through complex processes to ensure consistency and compliance with national regulatory laws.

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